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Mental Health

It is a common experience for individuals to encounter challenging emotions occasionally. Typically, these feelings are transitory and do not result in lasting issues. However, for certain individuals, these negative emotions may intensify over time, potentially leading to the onset of a mental health condition.

It is crucial to understand that grappling with mental health challenges does not indicate personal weakness nor is it an imagined issue. Acknowledging the need for support when facing persistent and recurrent mental health problems is both courageous and significant.



A prevalent form of therapy for depression is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), widely employed across the globe to address various mental health conditions, including depression.

Its foundation lies in the recognition that unconstructive, ingrained thought patterns and behaviours often contribute to the emergence of negative emotions and complications in mental health issues such as depression.

CBT functions by identifying and modifying unhealthy thought patterns and any negative behaviours, fostering a significant impact on mental well-being.



Welcome to our addiction treatment program, where we understand the devastating effects that substance addictions and behavioral addictions can have on every aspect of your life.

From alcohol and drug addictions to gambling, internet, love and sex, and shopping addictions, we know how these struggles can affect your daily functioning, relationships, work performance, and overall well-being.

At our program, we prioritize your needs and tailor our care to your unique journey towards recovery. Our goal is to create a personalized treatment plan that will provide the best possible outcomes for you as an individual. We are here to help you overcome substance misuse and addictive behaviors, supporting you every step of the way.

Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders

Are you ready to take the first step towards recovery from your eating disorder? Seeking help is crucial, whether it's from your GP or a specialized service like Direct Therapy Milton Keynes.

After reaching out, you'll undergo an assessment to determine the severity of your symptoms. From there, together with your support team, you'll create a personalized treatment plan that suits you best.

We recognize that everyone's journey with an eating disorder is unique. That's why our treatment plans are tailored to the individual. Whether you're seeking anorexia or bulimia treatment, we will create a plan that addresses your specific needs. Let us guide you on your path to healing.

Lifestyle Changing you

Lifestyle modifications play a pivotal role in managing symptoms of depression, in addition to professional interventions.

Maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, ensuring adequate sleep, practicing relaxation techniques, and taking part in enjoyable activities can greatly enhance overall wellbeing.

These adjustments to your way of life can complement other treatment approaches and amplify the effectiveness of strategies for managing depression.

It is crucial to note that each individual’s experience with mental health issues is unique, and the journey towards recovery requires patience and collaboration.

However, with the appropriate support, it is entirely possible for you to achieve complete healing through Direct Therapy.

Please remember that this is a deep and comprehensive process. We are here to provide the guidance and assistance you need throughout your recovery journey.


What we do

life coaching

Life coaching

Life Coaching for Mental Health is a multifaceted field that provides support for a range of conditions, including anxiety and depression.

As our understanding of mental health continues to evolve, the distinction between therapy and coaching is becoming increasingly indistinct.

Life Coaching Milton Keynes encompasses not only the pursuit of career achievements and personal goals, but also encompasses aspects of wellbeing, emotional stability, and addressing challenges associated with anxiety disorders, symptoms of anxiety attacks, and managing social anxiety. The integration of these different aspects allows for a deep and comprehensive approach to mental health support.

Mental health coaching is a specialized branch of health and wellbeing life coaching that concerns itself with various mental illnesses.

These encompass depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), compulsive behavior, burnout, stress, and more.

Approximately 1 in 4 individuals in England experience mental health issues annually, with 1 in 6 individuals affected by a common mental health problem on a weekly basis in England.

We can help


Counselling is a form of talking therapy that offers individuals a safe and confidential space to discuss their problems and emotions.

A trained counsellor empathetically listens and helps address any negative thoughts and feelings. While "counselling" may refer to various talking therapies, it is also a distinct type of therapy.

Throughout counselling sessions, you will be encouraged to express your emotions, resulting in a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes. The counsellor will assist in identifying ways to find your own solutions to problems.

Sharing your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings can bring immense relief and aid in reaching positive outcomes.

If you're seeking a path towards living a more fulfilling life aligned with your core values, consider embarking on a personal recovery journey. The concept of personal recovery is deeply personal, tailored to your unique circumstances. Contemplate what holds significance to you and how you define a "meaningful" existence. Engage in introspection to identify your aspirations, and take proactive steps towards actualizing them. By doing so, you can gradually work towards achieving your desired goals.

Remember, this journey is a profound and comprehensive one, encompassing your mental well-being and personal growth.

Talking therapy


Talking therapy Milton Keynes, also known as talking treatment, counselling, therapy, psychotherapy, or psychological therapy, involves engaging with a trained professional to discuss your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

By expressing what's happening in your mind and how it affects your well-being, you can identify patterns that you may wish to modify. Furthermore, it can help you explore the origins and underlying reasons for negative emotions and thoughts.

Acquiring such understanding can empower you to make positive changes, exert greater control over your life, and enhance your self-assurance.

Talking therapy encompasses a wide range of challenges, including difficult life events like bereavement or redundancy, relationship issues, lingering distress caused by past experiences—whether consciously or unconsciously—intense emotions like anger, shame or low self-esteem, mental health conditions, and certain chronic physical health conditions.

Engaging in deep and comprehensive talking therapy can provide valuable support for enhancing your mental well-being and navigating challenging life circumstances.



Psychotherapy Milton Keynes is an impactful and vital approach to addressing mental health challenges through meaningful conversations with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or another professional specializing in mental health care. It is often referred to as talk therapy, counseling, psychosocial therapy, or simply therapy.

Throughout the course of psychotherapy, you gain invaluable insights into the unique intricacies of your specific issues and develop a greater understanding of how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence your overall well-being.

This form of therapy empowers you with the necessary tools and coping mechanisms to seize control of your life and effectively navigate through challenging situations. It is important to note that in certain instances, psychotherapy can be equally as effective as medication interventions, such as antidepressants.

If you are experiencing challenges in your day-to-day functioning and frequently feel anxious or unhappy, are unable to carry out your usual responsibilities at work or school, or are facing difficulties in your relationships, such as a disruption in your eating or sleeping patterns or frequently contemplating thoughts related to mortality, it is advisable to seek assistance from Direct Therapies.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is built on the fundamental concept that your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can keep you trapped in a cycle of negativity.

The goal of CBT Milton Keynes is to assist you in tackling overwhelming challenges in a more constructive manner by breaking them down into smaller, manageable parts.

You will learn strategies for altering these negative patterns to enhance your emotional well-being.

Unlike certain other forms of psychotherapy, CBT focuses on addressing your present concerns rather than delving into past issues. It offers practical approaches to enhance your mental state on a day-to-day basis. During CBT sessions, you collaborate with a therapist to identify and challenge negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Together with your therapist, you may investigate current life events and how past experiences have influenced you.

CBT is typically a short-term treatment that involves a predetermined number of sessions, although this may vary depending on your location or therapy service, as well as the specific reasons for seeking CBT.



Hypnosis is a psychological procedure that can be instrumental in altering one's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

During a hypnotic session Milton Keynes, individuals are induced into a state of intensified focus, resulting in decreased awareness of their immediate surroundings. In this state, individuals become more receptive to "suggestions" or "invitations" offered by their therapist.

These suggestions aim to guide individuals away from unhelpful beliefs and towards more constructive and beneficial ones.

For instance, if one harbors the mistaken belief of being inherently flawed, a therapist can utilize hypnosis to introduce suggestions that facilitate a shift towards a more reasonable and self-accepting perspective. The applications of hypnosis extend beyond anxiety and depression management, encompassing areas such as phobia resolution, overcoming eating disorders, combating burnout, and breaking learned behaviors like smoking. Additionally, hypnosis can also offer support in addressing sexual dysfunction and managing pain.

It is essential to note that the effectiveness of hypnosis varies from individual to individual, and results may differ. For comprehensive guidance and personalized therapeutic recommendations, it is recommended to consult with a qualified hypnotherapist or mental health professional.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective therapy method that offers assistance to individuals grappling with diverse mental health conditions. It is a treatment suitable for people across various age groups, including adolescents, teenagers, and adults.

Unlike traditional therapy approaches that involve detailed discussions regarding distressing issues, EMDR therapy Milton Keynes focuses on altering the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses resulting from traumatic experiences.

By doing so, it facilitates the brain's innate ability to initiate a natural healing process. It is worth noting that although "mind" and "brain" are often used interchangeably, they are distinct entities.

The brain serves as an organ within your body, while the mind encompasses your thoughts, memories, beliefs, and unique life experiences that shape your very essence. If you or someone you know is in pursuit of a more illuminated future, it is advisable to consider EMDR therapy as a valuable resource on the journey towards recovery and personal growth.

With its well-documented effectiveness and non-invasive approach, EMDR therapy extends a beacon of hope and facilitates profound healing for those seeking a brighter tomorrow.